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Installing the updated Nvidia driver in Linux

PostPosted: Jan 7th, '16, 15:47
by wuwang20
Acquire the root access to another machine remotely:

ssh root@mt-rxxx-xx


Copy the Nvidia driver from one machine to another, this is used to get the Nvdia driver from another computer that already has it, so we don't have to download it everytime:

scp root@mt-r208-ts:/root


Entering the command line mode, which doesn't use the Xserver to calculate graphics:

Shut down the Xserver using this command, so Nvdia Driver can successfully install:
init 3

Install the Nvdia Driver using this command:
sh -q -X -a -s


Restart the Xserver using "startx" command:



Log into Linux using root account, after configuring the Linux display setting in Nvidia X Server Settings window, Save to x Configuration File, which would save a xorg.conf file in /etc/X11/ folder.

Then go find /etc/rc.local file, open it with Geany or other programming tool, using "#" to comment out code line 12-15, which grabs the x configuration file from the server periodically and override the one we saved. By comment those code line out, we can preserve the display settings we just did.


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