RenderFarm Arnold for Maya 2017 Issue Solution

Issues specific to Maya and the render farm.

RenderFarm Arnold for Maya 2017 Issue Solution

Postby wanlyu20 on Jan 12th, '17, 13:40

if you are having issues when rendering with the farm using Arnold for maya 2017 with this error message,

Starting "/usr/autodesk/maya2017/bin/maya"
Maya.env file copied from /root/maya/2016.5/ to /root/maya/2017/Maya.env
Copied preferences from a previous version.
Error: The preferences were not loaded: synColorConfig.xml
Stack trace:
std::basic_string, std::allocator >::basic_string(std::string const&)
/usr/autodesk/maya2017/lib/ [0x7ff6ca7598bf]
SynColor_2017_0_69::getSharedColorTransformPath(char const*&)
/usr/autodesk/maya2017/bin/maya.bin() [0x416232]
/usr/autodesk/maya2017/bin/maya.bin() [0x40ee50]
/usr/autodesk/maya2017/bin/maya.bin() [0x40e6ed]

Writing crash report in /usr/tmp/gdm.20170112.0958.crash
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Please make sure that when you submit the job, toggle to false on Enable legacy layer.
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