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1st Floor
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RoomCourseCourse TitleFacultyDaysTime
113CMPA100-02Survey Comp Art ApplicationsJohnson, Karla MW0800-1030
113CMPA100-21Survey Comp Art ApplicationsJohnson, Karla TR1400-1630
113VSFX130-01Vis Effects-based CinematogBrown, Paul MW1700-1930
113MOME130-02Motion Media Design Tech IJohnson, Karla TR1100-1330
113MOME305-01Motion Media ProjectionColette, John TR0800-1030
113MOME401-013-D Motion Media DesignGladman, James MW1400-1630
113MOME501-01Screen Design and TypographyJohnson, Karla TR1700-1930
113ITGM715-01Interactive Web DesignDelao, Gustavo MW1100-1330