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2nd Floor
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RoomCourseCourse TitleFacultyDaysTime
206ITGM220-02Core Principles: ProgrammingMeyers, David MW1700-1930
206ITGM356-01Applied Principles: Game DsgnCookson, Aram MW1100-1330
206ITGM357-01Applied: Interactive Web DsgnMeyers, David MW2000-2230
206ITGM366-02Applied Principles: Game TechCookson, Aram TR0800-1030
206ITGM380-03Interactive/Game PortfolioGaleano, Andres TR1100-1330
206VSFX409-02Professional Development VSFXGaleano, Andres MW1400-1630
206ITGM749-02Portfolio & Business PracticesGaleano, Andres TR1100-1330
206ITGM765-01Thesis Studio II: ProductionDelao, Gustavo TR1400-1630