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2nd Floor
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RoomCourseCourse TitleFacultyDaysTime
222CMPA110-01Advanced Survey of Computer ApWard, Justin MW0800-1030
222CMPA110-08Advanced Survey of Computer ApWoods, Walter MW1700-1930
222CMPA110-F01Advanced Survey of Computer ApWoods, Walter TR1400-1630
222CMPA110-T01Advanced Survey of Computer ApWoods, Walter MW1400-1630
222VSFX428-01Particles & Procedural EffectsFowler, Deborah TR1100-1330
222TECH450-01Mocap & Crowd PipelineFowler, Deborah MW1100-1330
222VSFX728-01Particles Procedural EffectsFowler, Deborah TR1100-1330