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3rd Floor
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RoomCourseCourse TitleFacultyDaysTime
311CMPA110-02Advanced Survey of Computer ApRich, Zachary TR2000-2230
311CMPA110-06Advanced Survey of Computer ApRich, Zachary TR1700-1930
311ANIM250-01Digital Form, Space & LightingValentine, Larry MW0800-1030
311ANIM250-02Digital Form, Space & LightingValentine, Larry MW1100-1330
311ANIM250-03Digital Form, Space & LightingValentine, Larry TR0800-1030
311ANIM280-023-D Character Setup & AnimatioSchindler, Brian MW1700-1930
311CHAR340-02Non-human Character SetupSchindler, Brian MW2000-2230
311ANIM709-01Comp-generated Modeling/DesignValentine, Larry TR1100-1330
311ANIM725-01Environment Look DevelopmentValentine, Larry TR1400-1630