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3rd Floor
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RoomCourseCourse TitleFacultyDaysTime
325ANIM223-04History of AnimationTessier, William MW1400-1630
325ANIM280-053-D Character Setup & AnimatioBarkacs, Zsoka TR0800-1030
325ANIM304-03Digital Cel Animation IWright, William MW1700-1930
325ANIM312-022-D Animation ProductionTessier, Michelle TR1700-1930
325ANIM322-01Acting for AnimatorsWright, William MW2000-2230
325ANIM332-012-D Character Animation IWebber, John MW1100-1330
325ANIM353-013-D Quadruped AnimationWright, William TR2000-2230
325ANIM459-01The Short ShortSimon, Johannes TR1100-1330
325ANIM724-013-D Naturalistic Charactr AnimTessier, William TR1400-1630
325ANIM759-01Short Short AnimationSimon, Johannes TR1100-1330