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1st Floor
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RoomCourseCourse TitleFacultyDaysTime
114MOME115-01Survey of Motion Media DesignBetancourt, Michael MW1100-1330
114MOME115-02Survey of Motion Media DesignBetancourt, Michael TR1700-1930
114MOME120-01Concepts and StoryboardsJohnson, Karla MW0800-1030
114MOME309-01Concepts in Motion Media DsgnYong, Woon TR1400-1630
114SDGM719-01Media Theory and ApplicationBetancourt, Michael MW1400-1630
114SDGM719-02Media Theory and ApplicationBetancourt, Michael TR1100-1330
114MOME746-01Main Title DesignBetancourt, Michael MW1700-1930