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2nd Floor
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RoomCourseCourse TitleFacultyDaysTime
211ITGM266-02Core Principles: Game TechWoods, Walter TR1100-1330
211VSFX350-02Procedural Modeling/Anim TechFowler, Deborah TR0800-1030
211ITGM351-01Cognitive Art of Game DesignGilbert, Sari MW1100-1330
211VSFX401-01Visual Effects SupervisionRobertson, George MW1400-1630
211ITGM405-01Interactive/Game Studio IShami, Charles TR1400-1630
211VSFX709-01Visual F/X Theory/ApplicationRobertson, George MW1400-1630
211VSFX721-01Procedural Model/Anim ProdFowler, Deborah MW0800-1030