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2nd Floor
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RoomCourseCourse TitleFacultyDaysTime
220VSFX270-01CompositingRobertson, George TR1400-1630
220MOME390-02Motion Media Dsgn Pro DevelopCarlton, Kelly TR1700-1930
220MOME400-01Senior MOME Project IColette, John MW0800-1030
220MOME400-02Senior MOME Project IYong, Woon MW1100-1330
220MOME448-01Senior MOME Project IIColette, John MW0800-1030
220MOME448-02Senior MOME Project IIYong, Woon MW1100-1330
220VSFX715-01Digital Compositing IRobertson, George TR1100-1330
220VSFX758-01Digital Compositing IIRobertson, George TR1100-1330