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3rd Floor
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RoomCourseCourse TitleFacultyDaysTime
310ANIM190-17Survey of Animation: Pro PathHasan, Ahmmed TR1700-1930
310ANIM272-012-D Anim: Char Set-up/PipelineAraya, Gregory MW0800-1030
310ANIM349-02Tech: Digi Model Environ/PropsHasan, Ahmmed TR1400-1630
310ANIM359-01Tech Anim: Organic Surface ModHasan, Ahmmed MW1700-1930
310ANIM359-02Tech Anim: Organic Surface ModHasan, Ahmmed MW1100-1330
310ANIM390-04Business/Professional PracticeGaleano, Andres TR1100-1330
310ANIM419-02Tech: Cloth and Hair for AnimSteele, Timothy TR0800-1030
310ANIM448-07Anim Cap Film: ProductionSteele, Timothy MW1400-1630