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3rd Floor
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RoomCourseCourse TitleFacultyDaysTime
311ANIM223-02Historical Adventure Cine AnimCarlee, Jan MW1700-1930
311ANIM249-01Core Principles Tech AnimationMeseguer, Thomas TR0800-1030
311ANIM275-04Core of Anim Story/Concept DevCarlee, Jan TR1400-1630
311ANIM313-06Collab Exp: 3-D Prod PipelineMeseguer, Thomas TR1100-1330
311ANIM315-01Story/Con: Narrative PrincipleShaw, Eric MW0800-1030
311ANIM335-02Story/Conc: Char/Creature DsgnStanding, Jonathan MW1400-1630
311ANIM365-01Story/Con: Seeding NarrativeShaw, Eric MW1100-1330
311ANIM385-01Story/Con: Concept DevelopmentCarlee, Jan TR1700-1930